The “Motivated to Move Forward” retreat welcomed STH clients at MoonTree Studios, a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, in Donaldson, IN. The retreat encouraged self-acceptance, awareness and created avenues toward spiritual renewal. 

Attendees were guided through exercises to focus on their surroundings and create their journey. Many used the campus in Donaldson to collect objects from nature that best represented things that keep them motivated to move forward each day. Inspired by their thoughts and emotions, they created art and shared ways to let go of old patterns, re-align themselves, and stay spiritually connected. Afterward, everyone was given the opportunity to share their experience of the artwork they designed. 

Through Art Therapy, participants are able to start a new personal path to healing, renewal, and spiritual growth, by beginning with loving and nurturing who they are and who they want to become in the future.