Services for the Community

Gary residents can access our food pantry, which is one of a few in the area that also provides personal care products. Our pantry service also includes a Clothes Closet for women, providing basic clothing needs. Other services include basic health screenings and referrals to local clinics. Having access to these basic services helps bridge the gap for clients as they work through temporary life challenges. During the registration process, our interviewers serve with the utmost dignity and respect to identify the needs of some who may have recently lost their jobs or experienced other temporary financial setbacks and hardships. By establishing a trusting relationship with individuals from our local community, we can refer them to other agencies that help in meeting intermittent emergency needs.

*Pantry hours of operations are Tuesday through Thursday – 9am until 11am and 1pm until 2pm

Sojourner Truth House Participant Outreach Programs-

Transitional Outreach Program Participants (TOPPs)

Both staff and clients acknowledge that simply obtaining housing is not always the end of the story. There may continue to be obstacles to overcome as formerly homeless women work toward renewed wellness, wholeness and self-sustainability. The Transitional Outreach Program Participants (TOPPs) is designed to address the spiritual, mental, social, financial and personal challenges of clients who were homeless and have transitioned into their own homes.

The goal is to equip participants with the skills and resources needed to maintain self-sufficiency and make positive contributions to the community. They can attend therapeutic and life skill classes that teach them how to move toward a life of stability and prosperity.

Gateway Permanent Supportive Housing Program

Gateway, a HUD-funded program, uses the Housing First model. This means that our clients are housed first and then they are encouraged to address the issues that might have contributed to or caused their chronic homelessness. New clients come to the Gateway program through referrals from local shelter providers. We work with clients to find the right housing for them within the limits of the funding that is available. Participants of the Gateway program work towards goals of achieving and maintaining permanent housing, achieving greater self-determination, and increasing their income and non-cash benefits. 

Sojourner Truth House Day Center Program

Sojourner Truth House provides a day center program to homeless women and women with children. We take a holistic approach to address physical, mental, and emotional needs. We understand that participants have real barriers and we work with them to find the path back to independence and wholeness.

Whether parenting, addiction, mental health, occupational or educational, our classes are designed to identify the root causes of financial and/or emotional instability. These types of wrap-around services help to provide tools to overcome these barriers. While on-site, our participants enjoy freshly prepared breakfast and lunch, receive transportation to appointments, use our laundry facilities and have access to our onsite child enrichment program for their children.

STH Staff and Volunteers greet everyone with a welcoming smile and a promise to always treat them with honor and respect. Participants receive personalized case management services and individualized goal setting. This allows us to determine the most immediate needs and provide the right tools, resources, and referrals to begin the process of overcoming homelessness and rebuilding their lives.