January – December 2023

clients served each month
pounds of food distributed
Clients Moved into Stable Housing
Home visits to clients in supportive housing

Since 1997 Sojourner Truth House has been a haven for countless women. From our start, we have envisioned a safe and secure home for every woman in Gary and Northwest Indiana. Every day we are working towards this goal.

The individuals we serve are some of the most vulnerable people in Gary. Without extensive support services, it can be extremely difficult for those experiencing homelessness to change their circumstances.

We are grateful for your generous support. Together we are meeting the critical needs of women, families, and neighbors in Gary and surrounding communities. Thank you!

Lanonya is a former client of Sojourner Truth House. Her journey from where she was to where she is now is a testament to the transformative power of Sojourner Truth House. Lanonya’s life has been profoundly changed by the support and resources she received.

Lanonya is now a proud member of our Community Ambassadors. Learn more about how you can be an Ambassador here.

If you are a former client or received services from Sojourner Truth House and want to tell your story on camera, please contact us here!