Join today and Change Lives!

If you have a passion for helping others, and time to spare for homeless women and children, volunteering with the Friends of Sojourner Truth House is right for you!

Volunteers will work with the Development team to support STH’s Mission of allowing “participants (to) improve their quality of life and that of the community in a safe, trusting environment”.

The Friends of Sojourner Truth House group will help with existing fundraising efforts like the Walk for STH and, over time, even creating their own fundraising activities and events.

Members of the Friends of STH are asked to:

  • Donate $25 annually to the Friends of STH
  • Attend two meetings each year – with additional event-related meetings as needed
  • Consider serving in a leadership role within the group (i.e. president, secretary, or committee chair, etc.)
  • Work with the STH Volunteer Coordinator and PHJC Special Events Coordinator to reach group goals.

The Friends of STH group will launch with the annual Womenade Week event, scheduled for September 19-25, 2021. Established by STH Board member Susan Cohen, Womenade is already a successful fundraiser – but one that still has much possibility for growth. The Friends’ first project could be to help with promoting the event and encouraging that growth person to person, friend to friend.

Looking forward, there are other opportunities to explore, such as hosting a new annual dinner or luncheon – or creating an event as unique as Sojourner Truth herself! 

We hope you are as excited reading this as we are in putting out this call for membership!  If you are interested – and we certainly hope you are – please contact Chris Dow, PHJC Special Events Coordinator, at or (219) 947-8665.  We look forward, not only to hearing from you, but also to working with you for the benefit of those served by Sojourner Truth House!