Sojourner Truth House - Gary, Indiana

Homeless Women and Children


When homeless women come to Sojourner Truth House (STH), most are ashamed of their circumstances. They wonder how the basics of life have escaped them and as they try to cope with their situation. Often they have their children with them and they wonder how they can make life normal for their family again.

STH co-workers and volunteers greet them with a welcoming smile and a promise to always treat them with honor and respect. We understand that they have real barriers and work with them to find the path back to independence and wholeness. With personalized case management and individualized goal setting, we are able to determine the needs of clients and provide them with the tools to begin the process of overcoming homelessness and rebuilding their lives.

STH helps clients address these challenges with a holistic model based on healing mind, body and spirit. Immediate needs are met with access to telephones and fax services for the purpose of conducting important personal business. Clients that utilize our case management services are provided with a daily breakfast and hot lunch, laundry facilities, and assistance with obtaining state identification and birth certificates and other vital records if needed. They participate in over 20 therapeutic classes aimed at identifying the root cause of their financial and/or emotional instability and equipping them with the tools to overcome these barriers. They can also be referred for mental health/addiction services if needed. Eventually, these clients are ready for assistance with identifying potential employment or furthering their education to prepare them for a sustainable career. They are then set on the path to finding safe and affordable housing for themselves and their children.

STH works closely with a number of community partners who provide our clients with access to resources that will remove the uncertainties and strengthen every aspect of their lives. Success becomes a tangible result of the diligent and coordinated efforts of all involved. Clients who fully embrace their experience at STH find themselves better equipped to make positive changes and maintain self-sustainability and independence.

STH is committed to ensuring that our client data is secure and remains confidential at all times.

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
Notice of Privacy Practices
Effective 1/10/2014

The purpose of this notice is to explain to you why we collect personal information from you and refer you to the HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices for additional information regarding how this information may be used or disclosed.

When you request services from this agency, we enter information about you and members of your family into a computer system called the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). The HMIS is used by many social service agencies throughout the state of Indiana that provide housing and related services.

We collect personal information directly from you for reasons that are discussed in our HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices. We may be required to collect some personal information by law or by organizations that give us money to operate this program. Other personal information that we collect is important to run our programs, to improve services for homeless individuals, and to better understand the needs of homeless individuals. We only collect information that we consider to be appropriate.

We may use or disclose your information to provide you with services. We may also use or disclose it to comply with legal and other obligations. We assume that you agree to allow us to collect information and to use or disclose it as described in the HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices.

You can inspect personal information about you that we maintain, as provided in the HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices. You can also ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete information. Please contact your Case Manager or agency Executive Director to make this request.

Feel free to ask us about our privacy and security policies and practices. We will respond to any questions and complaints regarding our privacy and security policies and practices. Please read the HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices for additional information. You will be provided with a copy of the HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices upon request.