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    When I came to STH, I was homeless and on drugs. All I knew was that… Read More +

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    We recently received this email from one of our former clients.

    March 15, 2010, I walked through the doors of Sojourner… Read More +

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We recently received this email from one of our former clients.

March 15, 2010, I walked through the doors of Sojourner Truth House. Being homeless and a client of Missionairities Of Charities, I began my road to Transform. My job ended without any chance of relocation or placement for work again. Temporary jobs were few, so I ended up using savings to keep my personal belongings in storage, eat and try to relocate. Thanks to Sojourner Truth House and M.O.C. for making all things possible. For the unselfish time and energy that each staff member gave, giving information, support and endless smiles that got me through each day. I literally went back to school to get my life in order. That took a lot of homework, a positive attitude and determination. Free use of phones, computers, which are tools that I used each day to make contact with landlords, seeking employment. I walked to appointments that were close by. Stayed encouraged, thanks to S.J.T. classes, which kept me strong in my faith. Thanks to Miss V, who made it possible for my H.P.R.P. application to happen. Because her time and effort, I was accepted. Thanks Miss Alice and Miss Robin for believing in me. Being my backup, help with resumes, giving me a chance to participate with the carwash, a cool trip to Chi-town, what I call the Eighth wonder, my trip to the retreat in Indiana! Also, getting me to the job interview with Lear and providing future transportation. Thanks Miss Val for all the positive energy you give a person, free of charge! To Sister Renita, thank you for keeping it real. I listened when you suggested that I take small steps and be patient. Man did it pay off! My list of twenty-five things to do is almost complete. Gotta deal with fear of flying, learning to play chess, and before summer is over, I am taking a hot-air balloon ride! Sister Peg, Sister Catherine, thanks for being the angels that you truly are! Because of your true kindness and care no one can really feel like they are alone. Miss Beasley, clothing and food pantry personnel thank you all for everything. Also, furniture staff, Saul for your concern and effort setting up delivery. PROPS to the cooks in the kitchen, who throwdown twice a day. Great Food. I really appreciate it! Miss Rubie, the warrior at the desk. Who holds down the fort. Thank-U for being so inspiriational. Your kindness does not go unrewarded! I FOUND MY SPICE. To all other staff. and the ladies whom I went through my journey with, stay strong. Sojourner Truth House is there to help. Take advantage of it. I am employed full-time, living in Cleveland, Happy. Thanks Sojourner Truth House!